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You gotta get a gimmick...

Ariel does not endorse non-biodegradable dinglehoppers.

Urban Elsa.

My favorite princess!

It was a windy magic carpet ride....

Cinderella's necklace? Or the Ravenclaw diadem Horcrux? .... #nerd

Another day, another neck problem with Rapunzel's 10 pound wig

Elsa braved a torrential blizzard for a party in Queens... and they only had ice cream cake...

Is Wonder Woman a princess? I guess she is NOW!

As a real-life big sister, it's fun to play the younger sister.

Presented without comment.



Elsa in her #NonEquity dressing/bathroom

Werk that cape, guuuurl.

Can I wear this to my restaurant job?

Elsa with her BFF Iron Man!!

Elsa immortalized in a balloon!

Even princesses take #BathroomSelfies

Elsa's view isn't even this good from her ice palace...

Sweet birthday girls!!

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